12 February 2016

20,000 cupcakes funds chaplaincy

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What does 20,000 cupcakes look like? 1680 eggs, 500kg of flour, 340L of milk and 67kg of sugar.

The extra special ingredient is Rosina Tucker.

Rosina Tucker has been baking cupcakes to raise money to support the chaplaincy service at Birkdale South State School since 2005. Rosina and a couple of other mothers over the years have on average baked 96 cupcakes each fortnight for the last ten and a half years.

As a dedicated mum and long serving Local Chaplaincy Committee member, she was a key part of building, and sustaining, the chaplaincy service that the Birkdale South State School community benefits from today.

“I started baking cupcakes before Birkdale had their first chaplain. One year before the service began we started raising funds and support throughout the school,” says Rosina.

“I’ve always been supportive of chaplains and chaplaincy.
I experienced the positive impact of having one as a student myself.
So, I wanted the same experience and access to the service for my children whilst they are at school,” she says.

Current chaplain John talks about how great it is for a chaplain to have volunteers like Rosina.

“You can’t fundraise yourself, it’s not why you are here in the school.
It really frees you up to be focusing on your role… And it’s always great to know you’re supported,” he says.

As Rosina’s youngest child finished Grade 6 last year she decided to hang up her apron. A special event was held to mark the 20,000th cupcake for chaplaincy and celebrate Rosina as a volunteer.

Thank you Rosina!

More than 4,000 volunteers work on the frontlines, supporting hundreds of thousands of young people each year. If you are a volunteer reading this right now, thank you!

Thank you to all our volunteers!

No matter your gifts and passions, there is a way you can volunteer with us.

Contact us today on 07 3112 6400 or email info@suqld.org.au to find out where you are needed!


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