13 March 2015

A family called to help youth

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Meet the Westons – a family of five committed to helping children and young people. It’s what they’re called to do.

“We always believe in being there for the ‘one’ – there is always one child you can do something for,” says Karen Weston. “It doesn’t matter what you do in a day, but if that one child comes in down-and-out and leaves smiling – that’s why you work as a chaplain.”

Karen is the chaplain at Springwood State High School, and her husband, Scott, is a former chaplain and is currently a high school youth support coordinator.

Karen believes their passion for serving youth is in their blood.

Her eldest daughter, Rochelle, is the chaplain at Rochedale South State School and Palara State School, and her second eldest, Brittany, is currently studying to become a chaplain. “My third daughter Alesha does all the cooking on the camps we’re involved in. We call her ‘Chappy Cook’,” she says.

Rochelle has always wanted to work with children. “It’s been four years, and chaplaincy is a job I never want to leave. I love being there for the kids and helping where I can. I’m like a caring big sister to them,” Rochelle says.

Brittany wants to follow in her mum’s footsteps. “I know this is what I want to do, as I like helping people and being someone available to talk to. I have always wanted to follow mum after seeing and experiencing the work she does,” Brittany says.

The Westons share the desire to serve young people and provide hope in whatever way they can. They are leaving a legacy of transformation.

In celebrating 25 years of chaplaincy, we want to celebrate families like the Weston’s and the generations of service they are offering to Queensland youth.



  1. I was just fascinated by the article on the Weston Family in Queensland.
    My husbands family come from Queensland.
    We have 3 grown up children. All have been or are involved in Children’s Ministry. I have taught S.S. and CRE for years.
    It is just interesting we are also ‘the Westons’ We don’t know the family in your article.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for reading our blog.
      I am glad you really liked the Weston blog post, being a Weston yourself and involved in Children’s Ministry.
      All the very best for all the work your family does.

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