27 January 2016

A Tribute to Keith Drinkall

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Every organisation has its pioneers and its heroes. Those people who laid the foundation for the great work that would follow. The kind of person whose legacy is felt for decades after their direct involvement in the organisation has ended.

For SU QLD, Keith Drinkall is such a figure.

Over 1000 people turned out to a memorial service, on December 1st 2015, at Mueller College in Rothwell to farewell this great man, following his passing in late November. Every one of these people had been impacted either directly by Keith’s phenomenal service or indirectly through his hand in furthering countless Christian ministries.

With SU QLD, Keith is best known for his involvement in the beginning of chaplaincy. However, Keith’s impact has been felt organisation-wide. As a Camp Director and a passionate advocate for Bible Engagement, Keith has been involved in almost every facet of SU QLD at some point during his time on staff.

Just weeks before his sudden passing, Keith was the guest speaker at a chaplains’ personal development day and was again sharing his knowledge, wisdom and inspirational stories with our chappies.

In their feedback, the chaplains communicated the impact that hearing from Keith had on them.

“Fantastic to have Keith Drinkall give us a vision of what had happened to get us here.”

“Keith’s address was inspiring, affirming and challenging.”

“It was very inspirational to hear about the early years of chaplaincy and Keith’s life.”

“I loved Keith’s talk. It was really cool to hear about the chaplaincy story from his perspective.”

This man was truly an inspiration to us all.

Keith’s son, Steve, expressed his father’s passing in such personal terms at the memorial service, when he said:

“I feel like Dad has just scored a double century, and then in a bid to get some quick runs for the team, he has accidentally snicked one through to the keeper. Yes it’s sad for us because we don’t get to see him play anymore, but you can’t help wanting to just stand to your feet and clap as he walks off, bat raised in the air. The bittersweet end of a wonderful and game-changing innings”.

Thank you, Keith, for every day that you spent sowing into the lives of others. Especially the lives of those who are yet to be profoundly changed because of your faithful service.

If you would like to learn more of Keith’s incredible legacy with school chaplaincy, visit suqld.org.au/keiths-dream.



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  1. I first met Keith when I was a beginning teacher at Emerald and then Blackwater back in 1973. It took just a few minutes for him to ‘connect’ with me and fill my heart with the deepest desire to follow Christ like he did. His passion for teaching, ministry, living the Christian life to the full, training others in discipleship and being the great encourager inspired me in my service for the Lord through my entire teaching career spanning over 42 years. Keith was always the same ; passionate, committed, putting God first, walking the talk, inspiring others to give 100% for Christ.
    He not only talked the talk but got beside you and helped, guided, led, and inspired you in your spiritual journey. He always had time to chat and encourage; to sit and check out how you were travelling on your spiritual journey. He was truly one of God’s amazing servants whose legacy is living on through thousands of people like me who have had our lives transformed by his beautiful Godly influence over decades of faithful service. I feel so blessed, inspired, encouraged, challenged and honoured to have served with him on many committees, camps, events and ministries over the decades. Till we meet again … and lay our crowns at Jesus’ feet!! Col Krueger

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