27 January 2016

A word from our church partners

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It was theologian and academic Elton Trueblood who said ‘A man has made a start on discovering the meaning of living, when he plants shade trees; under which he knows full well, he never will sit!’

That captures a subject that intrigues me for a number of reasons:

It flies in the face of most 21st century trends – where we want to see results immediately.

In a world that is consumed with the importance of big things, we often forget that most of them started small.

This really should be the motivation of people serious about serving an Eternal God.

Organisations like SU QLD and, in particular, those working in the area of chaplaincy, demonstrate a commitment to creating a great legacy.

There are obviously great stories of lives turned around quickly, but more significant are the lasting results that come from the time, effort and finances invested into people over the long term.

No wonder the Bible tells us to not get weary doing good; promising results, only if we don’t give up (Galatians 6:9).

Resilience is the key to creating legacy.

– Wayne Alcorn, Senior Pastor of Hope Centre, National President of Australian Christian Churches


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