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At-Risk Youth
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A2B — Life's a Journey

A2B is about supporting children and young people on their journey through life – it’s about helping them get from A-2-B.

It’s not a program, but a way of engaging with kids to help them grow towards social, emotional and spiritual well-being. A2B is for chaplains, children’s workers and youth leaders who want to support children and young people as they journey toward the good things that God has in store for them.

A2B will equip you to impact young people’s lives.

How does it work?

Currently, there are three ways to help young people get from A-2-B:


A2B Activity Survival Kit

The A2B Survival Activity Kit, is a resource of 100 activities broken down into 6 separate categories, Early Days, Trust, Breakers, Reflect, Games & Problem Solvers, these activities can be used in multiple settings in the life of a Chaplain, lunch time programs, School camps, Class interactions, Assemblies, any moment that a Chappy is expected to entertain the crowd!

A2B Activity Survival Kit

They can be used 1 on 1 - a conference of 1000’s and everything in between, this pack is only limited by the imagination!

The survival kit costs just: $150

Activity Box & Survival Kits are currently out of stock

A2B Activity Survival Kit

A2B Training

This two day training program will enable you to:

  • Develop an understanding of social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing from a Christian perspective.
  • Develop extensive knowledge and skills for facilitating fun, engaging, purposeful group-based activities for children and young people across a range of contexts.
  • Take home a range of A2B resources, including an Activity Starter Pack, Initial 8 Week A2B Program, A2B Survival Kit and Training DVD.

It’s a program that suits where young people are at… You can be in a high school scenario and then walk over and use this in a primary school. This one program can fit so many moulds.
– Nigel Kruger, Church Youth Worker and School Chaplain

Training costs just $280 (incl. GST)* and includes:

  • two days of training
  • the A2B manual
  • an 8 week program with DVD
  • an activity starter pack
  • the A2B Survival Kit.

*If you already own the A2B Survival Kit, the cost for you is $180

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More training available in 2017.


A2B Plus Program

A2B Program being run in a school

A2B Plus provides 8 weekly in-school learning exercises, including peak experiences, for 12 students. The program is designed to challenge students to achieve and grow in an alternate learning environment.

These experiences will help each participant develop skills in personal leadership, group dynamics, resilience, overcoming adversity, social awareness and management, whilst learning to work together to accomplish physically and mentally challenging activities.

Outcomes from A2B

A2B Plus is a great opportunity to assist students considered at-risk and an effective leadership development tool for students within your school communities.

A2B Plus is designed to work in conjunction with your school chaplain to train, build confidence and stretch the limits of each student physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

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