Stewardship is one of our core values

As stewards of opportunities and resources, we aim to be creative, innovative, sustainable, responsible, and effective.

For this reason, we believe it is our responsibility to make every dollar count. In fact, for every $1 you donate, 84 cents goes directly to running programs, 11 cents to delivery and support, and 5 cents goes towards multiplying your gift through fundraising and engagement activities.

Why you are an important part

Our work is made possible thanks, in part, to the Australian Federal and State governments, but also because of generous supporters like you.

Government funding employs a chaplain for less than two days a week and our community funds almost half of our income.

Thank you for your faithful support! 

Annual Report

You can read all about the ways your faithful giving is making a difference in the lives of young people in our latest Annual Report.


A history of your impact

From SU QLD’s early beginnings through to today, your faithful support has helped achieve so much.  Through your finances, time and prayers, you are bringing hope to a young generation. Click on the below Impact Statements to see all you have helped achieve!



Do you know where your hard-earned financial support goes when you give to a charity?

It’s a question that concerns many charitable givers. And so it should. When you give to a charity, you give from the generosity of your heart. You give out of trust.

Along with being an organisational member for the Fundraising Institute Australia, SU QLD is now an accredited foundation member of the Christian Ministry Association’s Standards Council.

Where it’s most needed

Like many organisations, we have needs in different areas at different times. We greatly appreciate donations that allow us the flexibility to use funds where they are most needed.

See how your support impacts young lives
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