At SU QLD, we are deeply committed to researching, developing and role-modelling effective approaches to Bible engagement for children and young people. Effective Bible engagement principles are integral to the training of our workers/volunteers, the shaping of our programs, and the development of our resources.

SU QLD has spent a great deal of time in recent years researching and developing Bible engagement principles for a new generation of children and young people. Our models, methods and materials are designed to promote Bible reading that is communal, reflective, interactive, inspirational, creative and transformational.

Logo Kit

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Key initiatives

Spiritual input – SU QLD Camping

We continue to develop one of the country’s most innovative and exciting holiday camping programs for children and young people.

School-based programs

Seperate to our school chaplaincy program, we have developed effective programs for young Christians. Our latest initiative is the A2B program.

Bible engagement resources

SU QLD has an extensive range of Bible engagement resources for individuals, small groups and churches.

Exciting new programs

We are committed to pursuing new and innovative projects that encourage individuals, groups and churches to engage with the Bible. Our current project is The E100 Challenge – A 100 day Bible reading challenges for Churches, presented in partnership with the Bible Society.

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