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For 30 years SU QLD chaplains have been journeying with children, young people and communities in crisis. It’s your support that makes this journey possible.

In 2020 a new crisis has emerged – one that has brought much fear and uncertainty. Our children and their families are not immune to the uncertainties this crisis brings. It’s why your chaplains are needed more than ever.

Right now they are faithfully meeting the very real and raw social, emotional and spiritual needs of their school communities.

They are there because of you. Your support brings HOPE – the antidote to fear at this crucial time.

Across Queensland your chaplains are seeing the following:

  • children battling with anxiety as they return to school,

  • teachers struggling with stress as they balance educating in-class and remote students at the same time, and

  • families feeling overwhelmed after being confined at home for so long.  

Your chaplains are there on the frontlines meeting these needs (read more in our ‘Stories of Hope’ below)

But they need your support so they can continue to be there.

Help us raise $289,000 before June 30.

Your tax-deductible gift today will immediately be used to:

  • resource and equip chaplains on the frontlines as they respond and adapt to the changing needs of their communities, 
  • recruit and train new chaplains to meet the high demand for chaplaincy support in school communities across Queensland, and 
  • support chaplains on the frontline in highest need areas.

Your tax-deductible gift during today will bring HOPE to children, families and school communities in need.

School communities and staff are calling for more chaplaincy support and resourcing to manage the needs of their communities. Chaplains are an essential service, now more than ever – and you are the reason they are there.

The HOPE you bring is the antidote to fear.

Stories of Hope

Keep checking in to read more Stories of Hope, which your support is making possible across Queensland. And please, give generously at this crucial time to help ensure these stories will continue for the tens of thousands of Queenslanders who are facing their most challenging year yet.

Chappy Ross + Chappy Mark

“There was a real need, and we were able to do something about it.”

Chappy Deb

“I’ve learnt so much about the power of taking notice [throughout COVID19]”

Chappy Kylie

“It means everything … to know my kids have someone looking out for them.”

Chappy Di

“The families were so excited when they saw us arrive.”

Chappy Paula

“Anything is a bonus when you’re going through hard times.”

Chappy Dave

“If everyone did random acts of kindness like Dave, the community would be a much better place.”

Chappy Jen

“It’s like planet Earth is on a bit of a reset.”

Chappy Jason

“At the start of COVID-19, lots of students weren’t coping at all.”

Chappy Mike

“Isolation was scary for this family. Something like this could push Ben over the edge.”

Chappy Susanne

“There’s a lot of pressure and expectations on the teachers and many have been feeling overwhelmed.”

Chappy Kev

“I’ll try not to get teary, but it is humbling and encouraging to know that Chappy is there to help.”

Chappy Beck & Chappy Steph

“Having our chaplains here to be a support when and where needed has been incredible.”

Chappy Tim

“We went from
heartbreak to joy.”

Chappy Riss

“It’s a challenging time, but as chaplains we are here for such a time as this.”

Chappy Cathy

“[This] pandemic is happening alongside other issues families are already dealing with.”

Chappy Marissa

“I had a child break down in the middle of drawing on cement with chalk.”

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