“I didn’t want any other child to go through what I went through,”
says Chappy Amanda.

When Amanda’s dad was tragically killed in a car accident in 1978,
she was left to grieve without support.
She had no trusted and trained person to journey with her.
At just 7 years of age, Amanda was alone.

It was through her grief that she learned how crucial it is to have a support system around you in times of tragedy.

Amanda made the decision to become a trained school chaplain so other children wouldn’t have to walk this path alone.

This Christmas, help raise $76,000 before December 31 to train new school chaplains and youth workers. You can be the difference.

34-years later, a young man named Locky went through a similar loss. His Dad passed away on his 9th birthday.

But Locky was not alone.

Your support meant Locky had a trusted and trained school chaplain to support him and his family through the painful funeral preparations, and the weeks and months of grieving that followed.

Through meals, a listening ear and a constant caring presence, Locky and his family made it through.  

But sadly, children and families in hundreds of school communities don’t have this support.

“The lack of support for my family cost us dearly, but Locky’s story looks so different.
He came out of an awful situation so positively – and I got to be there to support him.”

– Chappy Amanda.

2020 has been a difficult year, and our young people are crying out for help.

Your generous support of school chaplaincy will immediately go towards :

building into the lives of our children through the training new chaplains for new school communities;

keeping our young people safe through ongoing professional development for chaplains in the areas of anti-bullying and child safety; and

raising up the next generation of Christian youth workers to bring God’s love and hope to those in need.

Young people like Locky need some good news this Christmas. Will you be the difference?

Your trusted, trained and qualified school chaplains support families and communities in need.


grief and loss


spiritual support


Funerals and

*These figures represent the average number of programs/services school chaplains run in a school term.

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