1 August 2018

Architecture firm builds into brekky clubs

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A passion for building into the lives of children in need was all the staff at Merrin & Cranston Architects needed to get behind SU QLD, school chaplains, and the breakfast programs they run.

The firm has been a big supporter of many SU QLD initiatives over the years but breakfast clubs hold particular importance for the staff.

Merrin & Cranston marketing coordinator, Penny Bellas, said chappy-run breakfast clubs did more than feed hungry tummies and unite a school community over toast, cereal and fruit.

Our support of the breakfast clubs is borne out of a heart for children needing support,” Mrs Bellas said.

“We have an ongoing desire to support SU and chappies, and specifically the breakfast programs at school around our local area because the impact of these breakfast programs not only helps feed students but helps their learning and concentration levels in class.”

Merrin & Cranston Architects financially support the breakfast programs of four primary schools in Brisbane – Murrarie, Mayfield, Morningside, and Marshall Road state schools.

“We see this as an outreach for the school community and the wider community, with access to support from chappies and volunteers,” Mrs Bellas said.

We plan to continue our financial support for SU QLD breakfast clubs, and hope this initiative continues.”

Many SU QLD chaplain-run breakfast programs would not be possible without donations and financial support from businesses like Merrin & Cranston.  If you would like to get behind your local school chaplain, please contact our Field Support Delivery Manager Beth Killen on bethk@suqld.org.au or 3112 6476.

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator

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