17 June 2016

Banaam Indigenous Program – Connecting With Culture

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We are excited to tell you about a new relationship that has been established with Banaam.

Banaam is an organisation that exists to empower all Australians through cultural intelligence. They do this through leadership, personal and professional development, and cultural education.

“I would define what we have with Banaam as a relationship not a partnership. As a relationship seeks to engage, enhance, equip and empower each other to be better in every aspect of life,” says Col Usher, At Risk Ministry Development Officer.

“SU QLD was introduced to Banaam by Joshua Maher (former Indigenous Liaison Officer).”

Col was invited to a Banaam Cultural Leadership session, where he met Kyle and other Banaam representatives.

“The session was completely transformational as its focus was not on the horrific history of white settlement, but on the richness of the Indigenous history and the wealth of knowledge that Indigenous Australia holds about our great country. It also focussed on the future and how we all need to work together for a better tomorrow.

“Together we are developing strategies and programs to ensure that all young people are able to receive a cultural education. It’s not enough to know the history, we need to find ways to support all young people, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, to accept and be proud of their rich heritage and culture. We do this by providing space to be authentically who they are.

“We are in the process of developing a program using Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultural principles, frameworks, games and practices that can be run for all young people that engage us together. The program will develop ways to educate young people about their Indigenous heritage, how they can embrace it, and how to move forward in unity,” says Col.

Through this relationship we can bring the younger generations together to respect, learn, trust and support each other.

“We can build an Australia that holds a great future. It may be ambitious but we truly believe that what Banaam brings to the table is a relationship that will help heal a nation,” says Col.

Banaam Representative, Kyle Slabb shares with us his vision.

“A cultural education is important for everybody and cultural intelligence can be applied to all cross-cultural experiences. Our Indigenous frameworks and systems have been developed over 100’s of generations and can bring clarity and inspiration for everybody.

“Our real passion is to see people connecting with their own cultural values and having the tools to be confident and culturally competent across cultures.

“We’re all immersed in culture, individually, in our families, our communities, and workplaces.
These are all cultural spaces.

“We provide the tools and skills to understand and navigate these spaces,” says Kyle.

For more information, email Col Usher at colu@suqld.org.au or call 1300 478 753 or visit banaam.com.au.

Simeon Lawson

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