18 January 2015

Betty’s life-long commitment to helping Queensland youth

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Betty Benn has been connected with SU QLD since birth. She was raised in a farming family where they would sit together daily to do a Bible reading, including Scripture Union’s Honeycombs series for children.

At the age of 17, SU QLD’s Beach Mission became Betty’s strength and support. “During boarding school years I got to travel to be in the company of lots of passionate Christian volunteers.


“It was there I uncovered my abilities and gifts — I found I enjoyed working with kids. It taught me how to use my gifts in my country teaching back home,” Betty says.

betty-benn-3In 1977, Betty became Australia’s first primary school Inter-School Christian Fellowship staff worker, picking up the reins from a great committee that had worked to build children’s ministry in schools. After 13 years, she retired from SU QLD after falling ill on a trip to Indonesia.

Still in the Brisbane SU QLD building, Betty now works with Church Missionary Society coordinating the itineraries for visiting missionaries.

Betty has continued to support SU QLD financially over the years. “My family had a wonderful heritage, parents and grandparents who read to us and taught through Bible stories to know Jesus. Not all children have that privilege. SU QLD can provide some of that encouragement, and that’s why I continue to support SU QLD’s work,” says Betty.

“Where there are good, sound organisations that are helping kids, let’s back them. Let’s keep supporting them regularly. And consider the bequests option too. We want to see kids have a full life and have deep security in Christ,” Betty encourages.

To find out more about our bequest program, contact Wendy Ferguson on 07 3112 6412 or email bequests@suqld.org.au.


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