11 February 2014

From the CEO’s Desk: February 2014

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What did Christmas look like for you? For me, Christmas involved church, precious family time, wonderful food, and chaotic pool games involving children, adults and multiple dogs.

Every single person will have a different story to tell about their Christmas, because everyone experiences life a different way, with different priorities. And in the same way, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach possible to the work you and I are engaged in with our young people.

Our camps are so successful because they cater to so many unique — and yet universal — needs, and Schoolies events thrive because every young person is different and wants to celebrate in their own way — safely, and with meaning. School chaplaincy is so powerful because every single chappy works within their own context to bring hope and serve the needs of their unique community.

That’s why the SU QLD Bus Tour in March is so important. This is a chance to ‘connect the dots’ — to better understand the issues and needs our rural and regional communities are struggling with every day, and learn how we can all serve those needs deliberately and intelligently to support those on the ground.

The fact is, SU QLD is an organisation built by volunteers, and we could never function any other way. While we employ chaplains in more than 800 schools, it takes countless thousands of volunteers to keep our camps, breakfast clubs, lunch programs, SUPA Clubs, Local Chaplaincy Committees and community outreach events alive.

I hope you will be encouraged and inspired by the true heroes of SU QLD — our volunteers and our hard-working chaplains — and that you will experience the many ways you are helping bring hope and life to the young people of Queensland in 2014.

Peter James

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