8 July 2015

Volunteers a blessing in the camp kitchen

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Yum Cha

Smokey BBQ Pulled Pork on a Warmed Roll w/ Baked Potato Salad

Chocolate Fudge Pudding w/ Chocolate Ganache

These three courses are all dishes that you would most likely find on a quality restaurant’s menu or on the black board at your favourite stylish café, but Camp Superstar Chef and Volunteer, Deborah, is bringing these courses to SU Camps near you.

Her passion for all things culinary has combined with her love for impacting the lives of young people to result in a truly exceptional and delicious daily spread, which she has cooked for the students on Bravo GENTS, SU Schoolies and Camp Leader’s Retreat.

Deb Runham“There’s something exciting about saying “Yes!” to feeding 125 people for a week and then seeing that unfold amazingly through God using us. I love it! I love our campers getting excited about meal times and being made to feel important because through good food they’re being told, “You are so very worth it!,” says Deb.

Having spent the last 11 years directing SU’s Summer SMADD (Song, Music, Art, Dance & Drama) Camp, Deborah (pictured) is well known for her organisational ability and making sure that everything goes to schedule, but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that she took up this behind-the-scenes role and began providing the physical fuel that the students and leaders need to make the most of their camp experience.

Deb’s talent and enthusiasm has really come to the fore as she is challenging our traditional ideas that ‘Camp Food’ has to lose some of its quality because it is made in bulk. Putting care, enthusiasm and love into each and every dish she prepares, Deb plays a pivotal role in the camp’s program and allows the operation costs of the camp to stay low, in turn allowing more students to participate.

In the various camp kitchens throughout the holiday periods, SU has a phenomenal team of volunteer cooks including Jeanette, Neil, Keith and Janette, who turn each camp in which they play a crucial part into a culinary adventure.

“I am a huge believer that doing food well is the way that you can honour people and it is our responsibility to honour the campers and volunteers who come on SU Events. The catering is just as big a part of camps as the programming, we do camps exceptionally well at SU and the food should be no different,” says Deb.Churros

Deb is one of many volunteers who impact the lives of young people throughout Queensland by doing something that they love. Every camp has roles that need to be filled by volunteers for the camp to go ahead and allow the leaders to impact the lives of young people.

Our volunteers are crucial to the work of SU QLD and directly influence how many young people we see benefit from chaplaincy, holiday camps and many other programs. We need your continued help in a variety of capacities and roles which will suit different people. With more assistance from volunteers, more programs can be run and more lives can be changed. Fulfilling a necessary role that you love, like Deb, will allow you to carry out a much needed task while getting enjoyment from the job you are doing.

Deb loves to cook because that’s her ‘cup of tea’ and in the same way, there are roles that would suit a wide variety of people. From Music to Technology, to Sport & Business, there is an array of different ways that you can volunteer while also getting real enjoyment out of impacting the lives of young people throughout Queensland. If anyone knows what it’s like to volunteer and love every minute of it, it’s Deb:Macarons

“SU can’t operate without volunteers and what you have to bring to the table is going to reach much further than you could ever imagine. You’ll be amazed by the way God takes your little and makes it a lot!”

If you are inspired to get involved with SU QLD camps, contact Andrew Beavers on 07 3112 6458, or visit suqld.org.au/camps

Simeon Lawson

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