11 February 2015

Chaplain makes ‘Survival Packs’ for Prep parents

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It’s never easy for Prep parents as they prepare to say goodbye to their children who are starting school. And for many parents over the past few weeks, they’ve experienced a teary farewell.

But Jamboree Heights State School chaplain, Astrid Liebermann, has made the process a little easier.

For the first time, she’s created 130 ‘Prep Parent Survival Packs’ for parents.

“This simple pack will hopefully ease some of the ‘first-day’ jitters that parents can feel, and it is also a point of contact for me,” Astrid says. “As a school chaplain, I provide support to the whole school community, including families, so this simple gesture lets them know that I am here for them as well. Besides, parents and carers need to feel special too!”

The packs include chocolate, tissues, Minties and tea bags. “A lot of these items have been generously donated by local church members who heard about what I was doing and wanted to get behind it,” Astrid says.

Survival Packs


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