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School Chaplaincy: Dispelling Myths & Answering Questions

School Chaplaincy: Dispelling Myths & Answering Questions

Please download our PDF document Dispelling Myths & Answering Questions, which answers the following questions:

  • Hasn't the High Court already stopped school chaplaincy?
  • Will the current High Court decision mean the end of federal funding?
  • Aren't school chaplains just out to convert students to religion?
  • Are school chaplains qualified?
  • Shouldn't the federal money be spent on psychologists instead?
  • Why does this need to be done by religious workers?
  • Why is this relevant in a schools context — isn't it something for home?
  • How can a chaplain support students with issues of sexuality, drug use or pregnancy?
  • How can the federal government spend $245 million on this?
  • Aren't government schools meant to be secular?
  • I thought no-one wanted school chaplaincy
  • Does my child have a choice about school chaplaincy?

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