20 May 2014

Chappy Profile: Heather Fuller

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Schools: Cameron Downs, Prairie & Hughenden State Schools
Students: 3, 5 and 150
Years of service: 2.5

Cameron Downs is extremely isolated. You need a 4WD for clearance on varied road surfaces, especially after rain, and you have to avoid brolgas, emus, kangaroos and road trains!

I want the students I support to know they are important, and that there are adults they can reach out to for help to overcome the feelings of isolation that can occur in these little communities. Every week I travel 70 kilometres to the school with the relief teacher, supporting in classroom activities, playing games and doing craft.

At Hughenden I run a Breakfast Club on Mondays and Fridays, but with so few students at Cameron Downs and Prairie, team or group activities are very limited. The students, staff and teachers all sit and have lunch together and I love to talk and listen to what’s happening in their lives, whether that be the drought or just something of local interest or concern.

At each of my schools my goal is to see children grow physically, emotionally and spiritually and go on to become caring and responsible leaders in their future.

Your support means Chappy Heather can work in the schools she loves — even schools with only three precious students! Thank you!


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