22 July 2014

Chappy Profile: Jendy Smith

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School: North Lakes State College
Students: 2,847
Years of service: 1

Working in such a big school, at times attending to the sheer volume of students and their needs presents quite a challenge.

I’m available to nearly 3,000 students, 300 staff, plus parents and families.

North Lakes is a very multicultural school, and last year my number one priority was to support those families who often feel isolated and struggle to adapt to life in a different community without a family support network.

I liaise with local churches, establish programs, and recruit volunteers. At the moment, I’m involved in many programs, from Seasons to SUPA Clubs and ‘Chappy Connect Morning Teas’. My plan is to build up a strong and active volunteer support base which will then release me to invest more of my time in pastoral care of the College community.

The most exciting part of my job is that I get to invest in and inspire so many lives! I want to see young people full of purpose and passion for their future and for the future of others — believing that there is hope, no matter what the situation or circumstance.


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