16 November 2020

Chappy turns back the clock to bring hope during covid

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The days of writing and receiving letters via the post hold fond memories for many, but for our young generation the practice is quite a novelty.

When lockdowns and learning from home became the norm earlier in the year, Chappy Sam in Rockhampton thought this would be the perfect time to resurrect this practice and show personalised care to the families in her community.

Through your support, chappies like Sam have been supporting communities in need right through the uncertainty of COVID-19. Thank you!

Chappy Sam teamed up with the school’s Guidance Officer Mel, to send well-being packs to students and their families.

“We’ve had a lot of disasters in our region over the past couple of years – floods, fires, you name it. In the middle of times of stress and trauma, it’s important to remind people there’s help available and there’s people you can turn to,” says Chappy Sam.

“Mel and I wanted to do something that would bring a smile to the kids’ faces. The packs we sent out had a letter to the parents, a recipe, some online dance activities, a mental health guide, some breathing techniques and a postcard for the kids with stickers and a balloon.”

“I sent about 500 packs between my two schools – it took about a week to put it all together! We had a lot of positive feedback from teachers and parents, saying they felt really cared for, which was awesome to hear.”

Mum of three, Kathryn, says she was so grateful to have her school chappy.

“Our family has had a really rough year and without the help from Chappy Sam I don’t think we would have made it through. My kids rave about Chappy – she makes each one of them feel special,” says Kathryn.

Kathryn’s middle daughter, Izzabella, says she was excited to receive the care package because it took her mind off what was happening in the world around her.

School chaplaincy is about modelling the love and compassion of Jesus by helping those in need, and connecting people to community.

When familiar things are taken away and our young people are feeling out of place, it’s important to remind them they are not alone.

Thanks to your continuous support, chaplains like Sam are looking out for our young people.

To help others receive the unconditional support of a school chaplain, head to suqld.org.au/donate

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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