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Child Protection

SU QLD is committed to the safety and holistic wellbeing of all children and young people. To ensure that children and young people are kept safe from harm, our staff and volunteers are required to possess a current blue card; agree to adhere to a code of conduct when working with children; and undergo training in child safety.

SU QLD takes child protection and safety very seriously. Consequently, we have policies and procedures in place to ensure your child has the best possible experience with us.

An excerpt from SU QLD's Transform Magazine, Autumn 2013:

Dear Friend,

"All children deserve a safe and happy childhood". Those important words begin the document establishing the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia.

Over the next three years, as the Royal Commission does its work, the Australian community is likely to hear many tragic stories about the innocence and trust of children being betrayed, and of instances where institutions have failed to support the child. Abuse is sickening, and it is an important part of the life-long healing process that victims have an opportunity to be heard and supported on that journey.

Our chaplains play a critical role in supporting children who have been the victims of abuse; in standing with the children as they go through the trauma of investigation; and in being there with them through the healing process. Seeking the safety and happiness of children is a fundamental part of what we do at SU QLD...

2013 promises to be a year of great opportunity for us as we continue to bring hope to a young generation. As always, I'm deeply grateful for your prayers, gifts and other sacrifices. This work is only possible because of faithful friends like you.

God bless you,

Peter James

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