Sea World Resort & Water Park

Sea World Resort

Gold Coast


7-10 August

Monday - Thursday



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19 April - 11 June

What is SU QLD Conference?

SU QLD Conference 2017 is held at Seaworld! Queensland’s Gold Coast provides an excellent setting for us to connect with each other. Through the presentations of our outstanding keynote and elective speaker’s we can be encouraged and use this opportunity to develop our professional knowledge and be refreshed spiritually.

This year we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of SU Internationally. Our hope is that whether you work in the office at Hope Central or in the field, you will leave this conference feeling more strongly connected to the SU family. We share a rich heritage. Many have invested their lives through SU QLD for the sake of Aussie children and young people. Let’s honour our past, celebrate our heritage and face the future with expectation!