Speakers announced for 2017

Stephen Gaukroger

Stephen Gaukroger is the founder-director of Clarion Trust International, an organisation which exists to equip the worldwide church for leadership, mission & evangelism. With his very firm & clear grasp of the post-modern culture in which we now live, he addresses its challenge with an unquestioned commitment to Scripture. His life and ministry are characterised by an overt loyalty to Biblical truth. Those who know him, respect his unmistakable God-given ability to take Scripture and ‘unpack’ it in a spirit-inspired, warm, practical and relevant way, whilst remaining absolutely faithful to the text. Over the last fifteen years, Stephen has had opportunities to speak to Christian leaders and engage in evangelism in over 25 countries worldwide and is extensively involved in Christian initiatives, both in the UK and internationally. Stephen will provide the bible teaching throughout the conference and will also participate in elective sessions. We are privileged to have Stephen join us for the week.

Darlene Zschech

Australian, Darlene Zschech is acclaimed all over the world as a composer, worship leader, pastor and speaker, most notably for her involvement in the music from Hillsong Church, Sydney over many years. Although she has achieved numerous gold albums and her songs are sung in many nations of the world. Darlene’s success simply stands as a testimony to her life’s passion for serving God and people with all her heart. Alongside her husband Mark, they are the Senior Pastors of Hope Unlimited Church (HopeUC) on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Darlene says, “First and foremost I am a woman who simply and wholeheartedly loves Christ, and serves Him through loving my family, serving the church, and speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” We are blessed that Darlene will join us for one night at conference and look forward to her message.

INSIGHTS … your chance to share …

“GOD IS LOVE” such simple words written on the beach some 150 years ago, but the power behind those words have fueled the actions of many to share the love of Christ with young people, children and families across the world. During this conference we want to celebrate and recognise the amazing transforming work of God in our own hearts and in the lives of others – and many of you have accepted that invitation to share with us. On Tuesday night we will be inspired and challenged as fellow staff share their stories from their heart of how God has personally shown His love in and through them.  Find out more details on how to nominate to give a presentation by clicking here.

Phil Smith will be our MC for this session. Former ABC reporter and author, he is now a Community Pastor in the fast growing Bells Reach neighbourhood near Caloundra. He divides his time between the Bells faith community and serving on the pastoral care team at Unity College.

Adam James, Cup from Above

Adam is the founder and CEO of Cup From Above.  Cup From Above is a social enterprise cafe and training organisation that exists to love and connect their community.  They train up people with barriers to employment and help them find work.  For 10 years preceding Cup From Above Adam worked as a support worker with people with very complex issues and assorted barriers including disabilities, behavioural problems and trauma survivors.  Adam and his team now work every day with violent criminals, addicts, people with poor mental health & the homeless to help them see whole of life transformation and achieve their goals. Adam will share at our Welcome session on Monday.