Travel Policy



To establish a clear understanding for ALL SU QLD employees (field or office based) regarding attendance at, accommodation for and travel to the 2017 SU QLD Conference.

This Policy overrides all other Attendance and Travel related policies and processes (eg the Work Related Travel Policy) for the purposes of the 2017 SU QLD Conference.

Policy Statement

As the SU QLD Conference has unique attendance and travel requirements, this policy establishes a consistent and conference specific organisational approach to:

  •  Attendance
  •  Registration
  •  Cancellation
  •  Accommodation
  •  Travel Guidelines
  •  Privacy
  •  Your Property &
  • Room Changes


This policy applies to ALL SU QLD employees including Chaplains, Office & Field Management employees.


It is an employment requirement that ALL SU QLD employees attend the 2017 SU QLD Conference at Sea World from Monday, 7th – 10th August 2017.

ALL SU QLD employees are required to attend all organized main sessions and electives at conference.

The cost of your conference registration fee is covered by SU QLD, without requiring any contribution from Local Chaplaincy Committees (LCCs). If for any reason you are unable to attend the 2017 SU QLD Conference, you are required to seek express permission not to attend from your Regional Manager (RM) or Department Executive as soon as you are aware.

The RM or Department Executive are required to confirm any permission not to attend (either in full or in part) directly with Essie Blasé, SU QLD Events Administrator, prior to 1st June 2017.

Failure to:

  •  attend after registration (without following the cancellation requirements – see below); or
  •  receive express permission not to attend before 1st June 2017,

will mean that your RM or Department Executive will be advised that you have not attended conference.


Registrations will open on 19th April and close on 11th June, 2017. An email will be sent to advise that registrations have opened and will provide directions on where to go ON-LINE to complete specific details relating to your requirements. Registrations are not transferable to other employees or external parties.


If you have registered but you need to cancel or change your attendance, please read carefully.

To cancel or change your attendance, you are required to seek express pre-approval from your RM or Department Executive. If related to personal leave, all related documentation such as the Leave Claim Form and associated evidence documents such as medical certificates will need to be submitted through your FDM / SU QLD Line Manager after receiving pre-approval from your RM or Department Executive.

Where an employee has cancelled or changed attendance without following the procedural requirements outlined in this document, it is SU QLD’s expectation that that employee will reimburse SU QLD any nonrefundable costs associated with such cancellation or change.

Of note: Some exceptions may be made on compassionate grounds, solely at the discretion of the RM or Department Executive.


SU QLD Conference accommodation will be provided only at the SU QLD Conference facility and all employees are required to stay at this accommodation. There is no option for offsite accommodation.

Accommodation is allocated on a twin share room and same gender basis though allocations can be made for an employee wishing to room with another employee who is their spouse.

You are given the opportunity to nominate who you would like to share a room with when you register and we will endeavor to do this is most cases. If you do not allocate on your registration form who you wish to share with, you will be allocated a same gender roommate. This cannot be changed once on site as rooms have been organized and allocated by Sea World. The responsibility rests with YOU to nominate on registration.

Accommodation is not provided to any non-employees including immediate family members who are not employees. If an employee has babies and /or children requiring care, as per standard practice, you will need to find care arrangements appropriate to your circumstances. Any costs associated with such child care arrangements shall be the sole responsibility of the employee. In some circumstances, non-employees providing care may be accommodated at the SU QLD Conference accommodation though any such arrangement will need to have been pre-approved and arranged through the SU QLD Events team and any associated costs such as travel, accommodation and meals shall remain the sole responsibility of the employee.

Any changes in accommodation bookings need to be made directly through Essie Blase who is contactable on 07 3112 6431 or Please do not contact the venue directly as this is a group booking managed by SU QLD.

Travel Guidelines

The SU QLD Travel Coordinator for the 2017 SU QLD Conference is Bethany Smith who is contactable on 07 3112 6485 or

General: If a Coach. Air travel or SU QLD vehicle is available to travel in, you will not be eligible for reimbursement of your personal vehicle travel costs.

SU QLD employees are required to car pool, using SU QLD vehicles where possible and only use private vehicles as a last alternative to all other transport provided by SU QLD. Any such arrangement will require FDM pre-approval prior to travel.

Air travel: is provided for those living north of and including Gladstone and those from outback Queensland.

Coach travel: is provided for those coming from Bundaberg with pick-ups in Childers and Maryborough. Potentially there will be a bus from Toowoomba with pick up at Ipswich, but this needs to be reviewed based on 2016 usage and will be confirmed.

Car travel: (See also General above)

  • All employees traveling considerable distances by vehicle are required to consider distances of travel and rest appropriately throughout.
  • Important!!! Employees traveling by private vehicle are not covered by SU QLD vehicle insurance in the event of an accident or injury. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure adequate vehicle insurance coverage (including mandatory insurances such as CTP insurance) are in place and provides the driver/vehicle owner with cover for any legal liability that may arise as a result of injury and death as a result of an accident for which the insured is responsible.

Please read further details below.

Air Travel – General: SU QLD employees living north of and including Gladstone and those from outback Queensland shall be required to fly to and from conference where flights are economically available. SU QLD shall make the final determination with regards to flight arrangements. Please do NOT book your own flights as designated SU QLD Brisbane Office employees will manage this for you. This is so that we can receive group discounts as well as coordinate transfer arrangements to and from the airport.

Air Travel – Nominated Airport: On the registration form, you will be asked to indicate the airport you will depart from and return to. Anticipated flights will be booked from that destination to have you arrive in Brisbane. We have arranged to then transport you to SeaWorld on the Gold Coast to arrive at 2:00pm on Monday, August 1. Return flights for Thursday, August 4 will be booked to allow time for you to leave the venue at 12:15pm, be dropped off at Brisbane airport in time to catch your next flight to your nominated destination.

Air Travel – Special Arrangements: There will be some exceptions to flight booking arrangements e.g. where distance is an issue. SU QLD will make special arrangements for those specific employees. On your registration form, you will be given the option to request a change in the standard flight arrangements. For example, you may choose to fly to Brisbane on the weekend to visit relatives etc. This can be catered for providing it is indicated up front on the registration form. Wherever special arrangements are made, the employee shall be personally responsible to arrange any land transfers and cover any associated costs.

Air Travel – Missed Flights: If you miss your flight, the new flight will be charged to you personally. It is your responsibility to ensure you make the flight.

Air Travel – Confirmation of Booking: Once flights and costs have been sourced you will be asked to confirm these arrangements. Once confirmed and booked they cannot be changed by SU QLD.

Air Travel – Changes: Because SU QLD is booking all air travel at low costs, flights are not changeable. If you wish to make a change in your flight arrangements, you will need to do so personally directly with our Corporate Travel Agent and you will pay for any additional costs involved in changing the booking. Generally this needs to be by your personal credit card at the time of making the change. Where any such changes are made, the employee shall be personally responsible to make and pay for all transfer costs. Please ensure that you inform Bethany Smith, SU QLD Travel Coordinator of these changes.

Coach Travel: SU QLD has organised a coach that will travel on Monday, August 7 from Bundaberg, via Childers and Maryborough to the Gold Coast. On Thursday Aug 10 (departing at 12:15pm) a coach will travel via the same route back to Bundaberg. The cost of this travel will be covered by SU QLD and employees need to book their seat on the coach when registering.

The coach from Toowoomba is yet to be confirmed.

Where coach travel is made available by SU QLD, there will be no private vehicle reimbursement costs available as it is expected that people will take the SU QLD funded coach.

Vehicle Travel: For employees who live south of Gladstone and are not from outback Queensland, SU QLD will not make flights arrangements.

For those traveling by vehicle, the following applies:

  • SU QLD requires that all participants traveling by vehicle shall car pool wherever possible.
  • Prior to conference, you are required to finalise who you will be travelling with and supply final details of your travel arrangements (including who is traveling in the vehicle with you) to SU QLD when registering for conference. There is a designated area within your registration for you to complete this. If you cannot finalise these travel arrangements prior to the June 15 cut-off date for registrations, then please email these details.
  • Brisbane Office based employees are not entitled to travel reimbursement.
  • If a Coach or SU QLD vehicle is available to travel in, you will not be eligible for reimbursement of your personal vehicle travel costs.

Travel Reimbursement / Claims: Travel reimbursement is only claimable for those who have had preapproval (as outlined above) to travel by private vehicle to conference, have responsibility for the vehicle’s travel costs AND meet the following criteria:

  • those who have traveled more than 125 kilometers one way to conference; and
  • those who have submitted their claim (identifying clearly travel distances and the names of the passengers who travelled with them) no more than two weeks following conference.

* Friday Aug 26, 2017 is the deadline for accepting car travel reimbursement claims. This date is final and will not be extended. Please note if you are in the ‘fly region’ but have been given permission to drive, you will only be reimbursed the cost of your return airfare, not your total kilometers. The Travel Claim Form is located in My SU QLD / People Services / Policies, Forms, Related Documents / SU QLD Conference


We would like to publish a Delegates List which will include your name, email address, phone, organisation and state/country details. This information is for the benefit of all employees and may be made available to stakeholders directly related to the SU QLD Conference including employees, sponsors, exhibitors and the accommodation venue.

If you do not wish your details to be made available for the Delegates List and (under restricted conditions) to stakeholders, please select “do no publish” on the registration form.

Personal Property & Room Changes

Employees are responsible for their own personal property and for damages of any nature sustained by the employee or accompanying persons, or loss of, or damage to, personal property as a result of the conference or related events.

Employees are personally responsible for any in-room charges such as in-house movies, room service and so on. No purchases can be charged back to your room, and you will be required to pay via cash or by credit card at the time of purchasing food or drink at the foyer bar or elsewhere in the resort.

SU QLD reserves the right to amend any part of the 2017 SU QLD Conference program.

Travel Claim Form


Please download the policy (PDF) here.