11 August 2016

Decade of Eames on SchoolzOut

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The Eames Family are an SU QLD Camp dynasty.

Incredibly, there hasn’t been a SchoolzOut camp over the last decade without an Eames Family member involved, either as a camper or a volunteer leader. And that’s just the beginning of the family’s history with SU QLD Camps.

“I think our first experience of SU QLD Camps was when our second son, Benjamin, went on a SMADD Camp, way back in 1998. Benjamin, our second eldest is about 32 years old now, so that was a good few years ago,” says Jacqui Eames, mother of 10.

While the Eames family have been involved in many camps over the years, they’ve been heavily connected to Schoolzout, Übertweak and SU-Schoolies.

Since 2001, 7 of the 10 Eames children have gone on to attend or to volunteer as leaders on SchoolzOut – a summer holiday camp designed to celebrate the milestone of finishing primary school.

“I like the way that each of my children have gone on to lead on the camps. It shows they’ve loved and valued it, and felt invested in, and that’s challenged them to want to go and invest in other kids,” Jacqui says.

Parents, David and Jacqui, have seen all of their children enjoy the experience of SU QLD Camps, regardless of temperament or interests, and this has kept them coming back.

“As a parent, it’s worth the financial cost… SU QLD designs their camps for kids who have different interests. The musicians and the actors could go on SMADD camp. Joel, our sporty kid, could do a variety of sporty camps. Our techy kids can do Übertweak… and all of them could do SU-Schoolies.”

And Jacqui has advice for any parent considering an SU QLD Camp for their child…

“Go for it. Send them. Do it! You can trust the leaders. You know your children are safe and you know that they will grow through it.”

If you – or someone you know – have a story about how an SU QLD Camp experience has changed your life, we’d love to hear from you. Send your stories to pandc@suqld.org.au.

Simeon Lawson

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