25 November 2014

Diverse students create diverse learning

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Gen Ys and Baby Boomers. High school graduates and workers looking for a mid-life career change.

There is no mould for students enrolled in our Certificate IV in Youth Work – all you need is a passion to learn and interact with young people. Our students are varying ages, and come from diverse professions and backgrounds – like Samuel Lothian.

Samuel left school when he was 15 to become a cabinetmaker. After seven years of work, he returned from a holiday to find he no longer had a job. Newly married and without work, he began reflecting on his career path.

At the time he was helping his local chaplain with a Breakfast Program – and it was the chaplain who encouraged him to explore youth work study options.

My family has certainly faced their fair share of life’s challenges, so I have first-hand experience dealing with many of the issues young people face. I grew up fast because circumstances required me to. The people in my life who supported me were very important – and now, I’m in a position to be that person supporting children in need,” says Samuel.

Through placement opportunities, we get to work and live out what we have learnt. Each week, you grow the diversity of your skills and knowledge. For the first time in my life, it feels like the right things have fallen into place,” Samuel says.

Applications for admission into our Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications in Youth Work are now open – 2015 could be your year to study something that you’re passionate about. Encourage interested family and friends to also consider applying.

To complete an application for admission, visit http://training.suqld.org.au or call 07 3112 6444.

If you are passionate about equipping youth workers, you can sponsor a student to study our courses in 2015!


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