14 June 2019

Ella riding high, thanks to Chappy

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Your generosity means school chaplains can journey with children and young people through times of crisis and tragedy.

They’re also in schools helping young people navigate their daily challenges. It’s these everyday encounters that continue to leave a powerful and lasting impact in the lives of our children.

Gympie South State School chaplain, Ronnie Timperon, helped one such student who was struggling with her self-confidence, simply by taking the time to build a relationship and connect with her.

Ella confided in Chappy Ronnie that she didn’t like herself.

“I got talking to Ella early last year. She said, ‘I’m not comfortable in my own skin’. She couldn’t see how wonderful she was,” recalls Chappy Ronnie.

“I knew the Hope Reins program would really help her build up her self-confidence.”

Started by ex-school chaplain, Kylie Read, Hope Reins is a place where rescued horses find a home. It’s also a safe place for people struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression or overcoming trauma, to find purpose, self-worth, and confidence.

Chappy Ronnie says the program helped Ella rebuild her confidence, tackle some issues she was facing in the schoolyard, and prepare for high school.

“She’s more confident now and even asked and answered questions in front of others during our Transition to High School program in Term 4 last year,” she says.

Our children truly are wonderfully made. You can help continue to invest in their lives by supporting school chaplaincy. Visit suqld.org.au/donate

Casey Seaton

Media & Communications Delivery Manager

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