17 September 2018

Encouragement from the scriptures

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“After He had dismissed them, He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray. Later that night, He was there alone.” — Matthew 14:23-24

‘Doing ministry’ is at times hectic. It seems that if you ask anyone how their day has been or how they are, the answer is usually, ‘busy’. Our minds have become busy too.  One task leads to another. We bounce from one thing to the next and amongst it all we are craving to know God’s will and purpose.

We want to be effective for Him.

“If only we could be like Jesus!”, is an often-recited cry.

Over Jesus’ three years in ministry He chose the disciples, fed thousands, healed all types of maladies, performed miracles, was constantly scrutinised and endured torture.

How was He not distracted from His mission?

The scriptures tell us on several occasions that He withdrew to a ‘solitary place’. Between miracles and healings, before choosing disciples, He withdrew to mountain tops or deserts – quiet places where it was just Him and His father.

In that time, there were no distractions or ‘white noise’. There were no iPods, music or TV to distract. It was simply a time just pray and listen to God, to be replenished, encouraged and inspired.

The difference between mere survival and effectiveness in life today is finding vital spiritual headspace in the time we spend in our Father’s presence. Slip around the corner, withdraw from the conversation for a few minutes (or it could be all night). Find your solitary quiet space. Your world will be rocked.

Pastor Doug Beahan
Gatton Baptist Church
Gatton Hawks Rugby League Team Chaplain

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator

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