11 July 2016

Eric Bailey is helping children find their A-Game

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Eric Bailey’s sensational story needs to be read to be believed.

Born in the US, Eric was abandoned by his biological parents, before being adopted by a caring and supportive Christian couple. But that was just the first of many phenomenal life experiences that would shape his life.

Eric’s book, Bring Your A Game, talks about everything he’s learnt during his life of ups and downs.

“The book is about the obstacles, challenges, and some of the highlights I went through just to get out of the ‘hood’, go to university, begin playing professional sport, and then into professional speaking,” Eric says.

Now a professional speaker, Eric travels the world communicating his powerful message to some of the world’s largest organisations, including Ford, Shell, Nike and McDonald’s.

Normally reading Eric’s book would just benefit you… but now, you can buy Bring Your A Game and support SU QLD ministries at the same time.

Eric is generously donating 25% of the retail price of your purchase of Bring Your A Game to SU QLD, when ordered online via suqld.org.au/agame.

Eric has an incredible respect for the work of school chaplains, having spoken at thousands of schools across Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve been visiting schools for almost 23 years. I’ve always wanted to identify one or two people in the schools where I speak, who connected with my message, and who could continue empowering the students when I leave. And the school chaplain is perfectly positioned to do this,” he says.

“I’ve met quite a few chaplains and I’m in awe of what they do and how they continue to try to get kids to think about their future.

“I believe it has a lot of synergy with my message, so I’d love to financially contribute… so they can stay in schools and be more efficient and effective.”


Simeon Lawson

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