20 May 2018

Chappy Week 2018


Chappy Week is an annual event run by SU QLD to raise awareness of the value of school chaplains… and to raise funds to support school chaplains. Schools and communities get on board, hosting special events and taking to the streets for their ‘chappy’. The 2017 Chappy Week was a huge success, and in 2018 it’s set to get even bigger!

SU QLD is officially endorsed by the Department of Education as an accredited employing authority for school chaplains.

Here are some events being run in schools across Queensland in and around Chappy Week each year: Breakfast Launches, Day of Honour, Chappy Challenges, Ks 4 Kids, Walkathon, Chappy Breakfasts & Fundraising Dinners, Chappy Week at McDonald’s, Chappy-cinos at The Coffee Club.

Get in touch with your local chaplain for more details!




20 May 2018 - 27 May 2018


Field Support Team


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