24 April 2020

FREE Bible Reading Plans from Scripture Union NSW

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Scripture Union NSW, working with the YouVersion Bible App, have released some fantastic resources to help people engage with the bible – especially in the midst of Covid-19.

Here are some links to a range of reading plans made for children, teens and adults.

Who Do You Say I Am?’ (Primary Age): https://www.bible.com/en-GB/reading-plans/19079-who-do-you-say-i-am-primary-age

Stories Of The Kingdom‘ (Primary Age): https://www.bible.com/en-GB/reading-plans/19091-stories-of-the-kingdom-primary-age

A Step Of Faith‘: https://www.bible.com/en-GB/reading-plans/18788-a-step-of-faith

Jonah: Taking Part In God’s Big Story‘: https://www.bible.com/en-GB/reading-plans/18954-jonah-taking-part-in-gods-big-story

The One Behind The Book‘: https://www.bible.com/en-GB/reading-plans/18992-the-one-behind-the-book

A Recklessly Extravagant Love‘: https://www.bible.com/en-GB/reading-plans/19010-a-recklessly-extravagant-love

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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