23 April 2020

God’s word for times like these: Day 2

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Today we’re continuing Scripture Union International’s Daily Devotionals for the Covid-19 season.

Psalm 90

As most of us are experiencing a ‘lockdown’, and/or working from home, we probably think on times when we could enjoy wide open spaces! Moses and the people of Israel were in the wilderness – open space! But it seemed as though their heads were still inside Egypt. This must have been a very difficult time for Moses and we can feel the anguish within this Psalm – which is possibly the only Psalm he wrote. However, Moses points us to a God who listens, who answers and who has compassion. This is a God who has been, is and will be – our dwelling place. In him there is safety, security, shelter, protection and refuge.

Click here to read the second devotional ‘Run for Refuge’ online: https://scriptureunion.global/covid-19/bible-engagement/day-2/

Click here to download a pdf version: https://scriptureunion.global/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Day-2-copy.pdf

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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