7 March 2015

How a school dance can change a family…

Posted in Chaplaincy / Family life

Can a night of dancing help young girls understand their value? Chaplain Jenny Schleusener, from Palmwoods State School, thinks so.

For the last two years, about 160 have attended the ‘Fathers and Daughters Dance’ at Palmwoods State School. The group crowds into the school hall for a night of dancing, games and quality time.

“I see a need for young ladies to understand their value as girls and women, and this can be achieved by a great relationship with a dad or important male figure in their lives,” says Jenny.

“One night, a dad pulled me aside and said to me how good it was to spend time with his little girl and it was great seeing all the dads interacting with their daughters,” says Jenny.

“If this dance contributes in a small way to a young girl building a loving relationship with her dad, then it’s the most valuable event I hold.”

The Fathers and Daughters Dance is just one of hundreds of family building events run by chaplains throughout the state every year.


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