7 November 2018

Important update on ​the QBE Partner Program

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As many of you know, SU QLD has enjoyed a great partnership with QBE through its CTP Donation Incentive program.

This partnership has allowed many supporters to raise funds for their local chaplain simply by paying their car insurance through QBE.

Sadly, QBE has informed us that they will no longer continue this partnership, as our work is deemed to not align with the organisation’s charter, which “does not provide for donations to be made to organisations involved in religious teaching”. 

The organisation’s charter provides only for donations to be made to charitable works which help people overcome disadvantage, strengthen their abilities and live more independently, successfully and productively.

I’m sure many of you reading these words, who see the practical outworking of chaplaincy in your schools and local communities, will find it difficult to agree with their assessment of our work. However, we respect their decision and are grateful for the young lives that have benefitted from this partnership.

For those supporters who have nominated SU QLD as their charity of choice, QBE will be writing to them informing them of the change, and will offer them the choice of supporting a QBE-approved charity or receive a fuel subsidy.

QBE has informed us that all donations raised for SU QLD up to July 31 have been honoured.

Thank you for all you do to positively impact your local community by standing with your school chaplains.

Warm regards,

Justin Tye
Director of Partnerships, SU QLD

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator


  1. It is unbelievable that QBE directors cannot see that school chaplains fit in with their guidelines they are pretty blind and obviously have ulterior motives for withdrawing their sponsorship.

  2. Sounds like a veiled statement from QBE, hiding something else. My guess is a suspicion on their part that SU, as a Christian organisation, would not support “gender diversity.”

  3. I thought that making decisions ,based on religion, race etc, was classed as illegal in our society today. The focus on chaplaincy as I see it (I spent five years as a volunteer helping in a primary school after I retired , is on the child’s practical needs and their emotional and extended family situations. The religion that is mentioned is seen in the genuine love that these chaplains have for the children and their needs. It is always QBE’s choice of who they support but to take away your sponsorship of SU over “religious” grounds is wrong, disrespectful ,and shows a lack of understanding as to the service that Chaplaincy offers to the community of schools, pupils, teachers and parents .

  4. Remember that there are lots of other religious expressions of religion like sport, art, horse racing and indigenous culture which don’t seem to be a problem to corporate entities. Me thinks this has an alternate motive..

  5. I am discussed with there closed minds ,they should rethink this decision as I am sure many like me will change our insurance co.

  6. I have 1 insurance through QBE and was strongly considering changing the rest to them but not now. How sad they have bowed to pressure instead of standing by their commitment to help kids with real needs.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that as I only insured with QBE for the school chaplaincy donation was a draw card for me. So I am going to cancel CTP from QBE.

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