19 March 2019

It’s not the vehicle, it’s the destination

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“When we focus on the vehicle – chaplaincy, camps, beach missions – we can lose track of the destination; the reason why we do what we do,” says Yvette.

I’ve been blessed to be a part of SU QLD’s ministry for more than 25 years. It has been a long and beautiful journey.

For much of my time serving in this ministry, school chaplaincy has been such a big focal point. And sure, it makes sense when you consider that right now more than 600 chaplains are serving in more than 800 school communities across Queensland.

It makes sense when I consider the heartbreaking, life-transforming stories that these amazing people are confronting on a daily basis.

They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus in our schools, administering His tender loving care when it’s needed most.

But I was reminded quite recently that the story of SU QLD begins long before the first chaplain was placed in a school.

At a monthly prayer meeting I attend with some of our long-time supporters, I was surrounded by beautiful, big-hearted friends whose first connection with SU was through Beach Missions and camps.

For them, SU is not about any one particular thing – it’s about sharing God’s love and hope with children and young people. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘what’ and forget the ‘why’.

We focus on the vehicle and not the destination. When we focus on the vehicle – chaplaincy, camps, beach missions – we can lose track of the destination; the reason why we do what we do. This is where we can lose our sense of purpose, and effectiveness.

For the supporters that I’m blessed to speak with who sow into the work of SU QLD with a gift in their will, they speak to me about their conviction in the destination they want SU QLD to head. They see the value in the vehicle, but it’s not what they’re investing into.

At its heart, SU QLD was founded on the belief that all children and young people deserve to experience God’s love and hope in a way that meets them where they’re at, and satisfies a longing in their heart for meaning and purpose.

Today we demonstrate this across our camping, at-risk and chaplaincy ministries. As for the future, we leave that in God’s hands.

If you wish to leave a gift in your will so children and young people will continue to experience God’s love and hope for generations to come, I’d love to hear from you on 0427 006 390 or email at bequests@suqld.org.au.

— Yvette Atkins

Jennifer Kerr

Media and Communications Administrator

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