15 June 2015

Josh has found where he belongs

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Many young people don’t have the opportunity to experience a ‘safe place’ where they can let their guard down and feel accepted without judgement.

But Josh had that opportunity – thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers – at Übertweak! The week-long SU QLD camp is for teens who are interested in Christianity and faith, as well as technology.

“I’m Josh and I like computers, videogames and technology, as well as being creative through films. I finished high school last year and am currently studying film at university.

“I first went along to Übertweak when I was in Year 10 after hearing about it from a friend. I’ve been on six camps, and the main thing that keeps bringing me back, is the people. It’s like a second family here.

“I never used to have many friends. But Übertweak was a safe and open place where I could come out of my shell and be myself, and no one judged me. It’s changed my life.

“I’d like to thank the leaders – they created a place for people, like me, who don’t always fit in, so we feel welcome and make friends with other like-minded people. They made us feel like we matter and aren’t alone. They’ve helped shape me into the person I am today, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.”

Thanks to your support, volunteers are inspired and equipped to make camps like Übertweak possible!

If you’d like to volunteer on an SU QLD camp in your area, or you want to give a gift today so more kids like Josh get an opportunity to attend, please call 07 3112 6458.

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