17 June 2016

New chappy heads to remote Queensland

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Chloe is a fresh-faced chaplain, who plunged into the deep end when she decided to leave her home in metro Brisbane to move to a remote town in Central Queensland.

She started as a chaplain at Moura State School and Theodore State School in Term 2, and has loved every moment of the job since setting foot in the small towns.

Moving out to rural Queensland was a big change for Chloe, having lived in cities all her life. Chloe spent the first 15 years of her life in Christchurch, so when she moved to Australia, school chaplaincy was a whole new concept to her. “I didn’t know anything about the whole chaplaincy thing. It was all foreign and new to me when I first came here,” she says.

After moving to Brisbane’s north side, Chloe became more interested in chaplaincy – especially after volunteering as a camp leader for several SU QLD camps. This leadership role prepared her well for school chaplaincy, as it gave her the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, some of whom were chaplains.

Leading at these camps set Chloe on the path of becoming a chaplain. “I think the SU camps made it a good starting point…it’s been a two-year process for me to get where I am today, but it’s been an awesome, amazing two-year experience,” she says.

There are currently over 50 chaplaincy vacancies in schools across Queensland, many in regional communities. If you or someone you know would love to make a difference in a small community, visit suqld.org.au/morehands.

Caitlyn Dunn


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