22 September 2015

New lunch program helps children learn

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As any parent can attest, a well-fed child is a happy child. That’s the idea behind Chaplain Angie Brown’s new lunch time initiative to get food in the stomachs of those young people who need it the most.

When Angie started at Browns Plains State School, she discovered a need. Every day, there were a number of students coming to school without any lunch in their school bags and trying to power on through the day without the fuel to do so.

Embarrassed about their lack of lunch and desperate not to be singled out, these students are often eager to keep their hunger to themselves. It was only Angie’s enthusiasm for the welfare of the students and the support of her school community that led her to create a solution.

“I found over the last term or two a need to assist young people with lunches. Often this would be due to recent family separations, family illness, or families going through a difficult financial period. We found that by providing these young people with a healthy lunch, it helped take the pressure off the family. The schools support team has also been able to organise external support for the families,” says Angie.

This new lunch program not only meets a basic need, but helps children learn. “The last few months have been an amazing journey in seeing students basic needs met, and enabling young people to concentrate better during class time, thus assisting their education.” says Angie.

Angie works alongside the school’s other chaplain, Carlos, to run the program. They would both like to thank everyone in the Logan West community who has shown an interest in the lives of their young people.

“Bendigo Bank, Macca’s Bakery, Boss Compressors, Michael Hancock and Browns Plain Real Estate have all pitched in, to get this program off the ground, we couldn’t have begun without them and are grateful for their support,” Angie says.

Children have received a nutritious lunch today because of your support for chaplaincy and the support of local communities and businesses. Thank you.

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  1. Hi
    What a great story of love and encouragement to these young people
    who are overcoming their fears or embarrassment of admitting they don’t have anything to eat..A credit to the businesses who have come on board to help fund this. And to you Angie Brown youre a legend with helping these kids and recognizing the need of some of these kids.Keep up the good work and the love of Christ you are sharing..

  2. This is wonderful news. I know of 2 groups that help school children here in Hervey Bay. Chaplaincy as well as a breakfast program. No I do not think all schools are involved with these 2 helps, but they both are wonderful programs for sure.

  3. Brilliant!
    Would be interested to know what food works well and how it is offered without ‘singling out’ hungry kids.

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