11 August 2016

New sports ministry is quick off the blocks

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For many of us, as Australians, sport is in our blood. It runs through our veins, and it’s a passion that either unites or divides us.

But SU QLD’s Jeff Howard wants to see communities come together through sport.

Juggling the development of this exciting new Sports Ministry project with his current role as Regional Manager for Brisbane, Jeff has loved sport ever since he can remember.

“I’m like a lot of people in that I just love sport. I love the idea of what sport does for community.

“Probably about 10 years ago – before I even worked at SU – I spoke to [SU’s Children’s Ministry Specialist] Terry Williams and he shared with me what he was seeing around the world in Sports Ministry and sports conferences he was attending. Terry believed I could be doing a similar thing.

“For a long time, I thought and prayed about it. Then last year, I had an opportunity to go to the International Sports Ministry Conference in Orlando, Florida.”

Since returning from this conference, Jeff has been committed to seeing SU QLD’s Sports Ministry get off the ground.

“It will be a little bit of a foundation-building and formation year for us. The whole idea of it is to support and work with others – to partner – which is the SU way,” Jeff says.

Jeff has been developing the vision for SU Sports Ministry over many years to make sure it fits with SU QLD’s mission and vision. 

“We are planning on holding Community Cup events – like our recent Touch Football Competition – which we want to hold regularly as sporting events for the community, where we can invite our mates along. We also want to start sport day camps for children, and the first one will hopefully launch early next year.

“We’re also getting into the realm of sports ministry training… and starting a sports ministry network which was launched at the end of May.

“It’s predominantly designed for people of faith, as a ministry network, that meets once a term to share what we’re doing in the different parts of Brisbane. We want to resource, pray for, and support each other,” Jeff says.

So far, the SU Sports Ministry events have been an incredible success. But Jeff’s under no illusion about why that is.

“It’s all been really good. I’m not surprised how well it’s going because I know how many people love sport and what sport can provide for individuals and community alike.”

UPDATE: The next Sports Ministry Community Cup Event has been announced.

Indoor Netball Community Cup

Register now!

You can join with Jeff to grow Sports Ministry in your backyard! For more information, call 1300 478 753 or email sports@suqld.org.au.

Simeon Lawson


  1. When my boys were young they played Churches Soccer on a Saturday morning and on Sunday they went to Sunday school/church. On Sunday today, children are playing soccer/football. I can see them from our church glass doors and it saddens me. Bring back Saturday Soccer.

    1. Thank you for reading, Dawn.

      There are definitely still Saturday soccer leagues accessible to those who are interested. If you’d like more information on these, contact Jeff Howard via the details above.

      1. I too would like to see more Saturday sport. One of the problems is that some people think that church based sport is inferior. This is the particular type of competitive spirit that permeates so much of Australian Sport to the detriment of good wholesome competition.
        I also know of one father who entered his son into a church Soccer Team and when he discovered that the coach was swearing at the kids he pulled his son out. Sad but true.

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