21 October 2014

Our volunteers are unstoppable

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Splashout Far North Queensland Director Kristin Hohoi loves volunteering on SU QLD camps — so much so that even a diagnosis of cancer couldn’t keep her away!

“I just love camp!” Kristin says. “It’s absolutely the best week of the year. I’ve worked hard over the years to refine our program into an energy-filled, faith-filled camp, and I love it!”

So when Kristin received the news in December of 2012 that she had cancer (just weeks before Splashout 2013), she was determined not to let it get in the way.

“I’d spent 12 months planning, so I just decided to go ahead and run it. My co-director, Rod Fearon, took over every afternoon while I had a snooze, and he was such an encouragement to me.

“After camp I had surgery, followed by chemotherapy. Anyone who has gone down this path knows that every third week you kind of feel OK, so I used that week to plan camp for 2014.

Kristin’s biggest drive is to strengthen the faith of those young people who attend, particularly those from remote areas.

“A young boy came to Splashout from quite some distance away. At the end of the week he made a commitment to follow Jesus. One week later, the boy’s father — who had been terminally ill — passed away. When I rang to offer condolences, this boy said, ‘That’s OK — I know God will look out for us now.’ I was so glad to hear that he had faith at such a difficult time in his life.”

That’s the difference an SU QLD camp can make!

Call Andrew Beavers on 07 3112 6458 if you’d like to learn more about volunteering on an SU QLD Camp — and make an eternal difference in young lives.


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