“When Phoebe’s dad was taken to hospital in the helicopter,
she thought he was going to die.”

Phoebe was just 9 when her father, Andrew, was rushed to hospital in a helicopter.

That day in May 2018, he’d been in an horrific motorbike accident. Overcome with fear and uncertainty, Phoebe didn’t know if she’d see her father again. 

Thankfully, her dad’s a fighter. He pulled through. But for most of the past year he’s been confined to hospital, an hour away from home. 

For Phoebe, the distance and uncertainty around her dad’s recovery has been crushing.  But in her turmoil and fear, she has found comfort in her chaplain, Krystal. Chaplains like Krystal bring hope and comfort to children and families in crisis.

Your support makes that possible.


School chaplains should always be there as a pillar of hope and demonstration of love in times of need.

Sadly, they’re not. But you can help change that.

Help raise $79,000 before March 31 because children like Phoebe need to know their chaplain will always be there for them.

“This year has been really stressful and hard, but Chappy Krystal has been really good for Phoebe and the family."
- Phoebe’s mum, Tracey.

Phoebe’s mum, Tracey, describes her husband as the rock that has held the family together.

Now, they’re struggling emotionally and financially without him. But through it all, they’ve had the unconditional and unwavering support of Chappy Krystal.

“Phoebe and her brother are talking more; they seem happier. They [the chaplains] are really supportive to families and to children. Chappies are always there to be relied on,” Phoebe’s mum Tracey says.


train and equip new chaplains to support the social, emotional and spiritual needs of Queensland school communities; upskill more chaplains through training and resources to combat bullying and cyberbullying; and provide vital support for chaplains to remain in schools so they can journey alongside children like Phoebe in their hour of need. Your generous tax-deductible gift will immediately be used to...

Tracey is so thankful for friends like you who support school chaplaincy. You are making a difference. But that need continues today. 

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