"Faith was broken.
She would hold her grief around me…
but I would find her alone crying in her bed.” - Faith's mum, Jacqui.
I will help

When 11-year-old Faith’s brother, Joshua, passed away one month before Christmas 2015, she was in desperate need of hope in her darkness of grief and loss.

Thankfully, Faith had Chappy Lauren to journey with her at a time of great need.
School chaplains like Lauren model the love and compassion of Jesus in our school communities. They bring hope and comfort to children and families in crisis. They can do this because of your support.

This Christmas, will you consider a special gift to support school chaplaincy so children like Faith can continue to experience this hope?


School chaplaincy should be a certainty for children like Faith in uncertain times.

Sadly it’s not. But you can do something about that.

Help us raise $90,000 before December 31 because children like Faith need the certainty of knowing school chaplaincy will continue for them.

“Faith was able to go to someone when she was struggling – she didn’t have to shoulder it alone.”
- Jacqui.

When Joshua passed away, Faith’s mum Jacqui was in grief, not only for the son she’d lost, but for the daughter she knew had been hit hardest by this tragic loss.

Faith’s grief soon turn to anger. She started acting out at school.
But the anger and pain Faith expressed in the schoolyard was met with love and compassion from her chaplain.

“Lauren has always been an open door for Faith. When Faith was struggling with peers and teachers, Lauren was able to equip her with coping strategies and other ways of handling situations,” says Jacqui.


Jacqui is so grateful for the support of friends like you who make chaplaincy possible.

“The support it has given our family has been invaluable. I don’t know if we would have got through those rough times like we did if it weren’t for the school chaplains,” Jacqui says.

multiply the life-changing impact of chaplains like Lauren by training and equipping new chaplains for new schools; 1 support at-risk youth by resourcing chaplains and young volunteers with the skills to run programs for disadvantaged young people; and 2 provide social, emotional and spiritual support for children like Faith who feel alone in their grief with no words to express their pain. 3 Your tax-deductible gift today will immediately help...

Children like Faith need your help

Help us raise $90,000 before December 31 because children like Faith need the certainty of knowing school chaplaincy will continue for them.

Please donate today.

Slide Your Christmas gift to chaplaincy will help children like Faith through:

Frequently asked questions

Where does my donation go?

Stewardship is one of our core values. As stewards of opportunities and resources, we aim to be creative, innovative, sustainable, responsible, and effective. For this reason, we believe it is our responsibility to make every dollar count. For every $1 donated to SU QLD, 84 cents goes directly to running programs, 11 cents to delivery and support, and 5 cents goes towards multiplying your gift through fundraising and engagement activities.

You can read all about the ways your faithful giving is making a difference in our latest Annual Report.


Are all donations to SU QLD tax deductible?

All gifts over $2 donated to school chaplaincy are tax deductible, unless otherwise specified.

Is SU QLD government funded?

The work of SU QLD is made possible, in part, through funding from the Australian Federal and State governments.  This funding only covers the work of school chaplaincy. Currently, the funding employs a school chaplain for less than two days a week, which is not enough to meet demand for most school communities. This is where your support comes in. Thanks to generous friends like you, almost half of the time chaplains are in schools is a direct result of your faithful support.  

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