How does it work?

Business owners pay a fortune in advertising to attract new customers. In our fast-paced social media-driven online world, the challenge to secure and nurture loyal customers is becoming greater – and more expensive.

Here’s where the Cash Back App can help. Cash Back App members are loyal customers and the businesses listed with them contribute money to their Cash Rewards program. It’s their way of paying their members with a ‘thank you’ for helping grow their Shopping Community and bring more loyal customers in to The Cash Back App community.

The Cash Rewards are paid to you in addition to the Cash Rebates and Loyalty Cash paid on your own shopping.

Paying Cash Rebates and Cash Rewards is much better for a business owner than paying a fortune for advertising companies to promote them.

This is why The Cash Back App works and is a Win for you and a Win for business owners.

It is simply a smarter way for business owners and consumers (you) to work together.

How does my shopping help SU QLD?

By registering using our referral link, a portion of the cash back is given to SU QLD and helps us to continue bringing hope to a young generation.

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