24 August 2015

Queensland’s Outstanding Dads

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Queensland Father of the Year 2015’s 6 Regional Winners revealed

Those with a great dad will tell you just how much it has benefitted their life. Fantastic parents give a child a solid foundation and a great head start on life. Fathers play a unique role in this development and Queensland Father of the Year began many years ago to celebrate outstanding fathers for their exceptional commitment to raising their children, or their exemplary contribution to the development of children in the community.

The Regional Winners have been selected from the many nominations we received and the following dads will attend the Queensland Father of the Year award ceremony Wednesday 2nd September, where the 2015 State winner will be announced.

Robbie Radel – Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay

Dairy farmer and father to six children, Robbie Radel, still finds time to volunteer with a host of clubs and groups in his area, including Apex and Little Athletics. Robbie has maintained his farm through droughts and three floods which caused heavy damage to his property. Despite this, his commitment to his family and community has never faltered.

Andrew Holden – North Queensland

Due to one of the toughest droughts in history, grazier, Andrew Holden, had to sell hundreds of his head of cattle to keep his business afloat. Maintaining his signature positivity through these difficult times, Andrew used this opportunity to help others as a strong supporter of Aussie Helpers, an Australian Charity for Farmers in Hardship. Andrew has also spent the last four years confined to a wheelchair. However, he has never let this get in the way of caring for his five children.

Ben Tullipan – South East Queensland

Australia’s worst injured survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombing, Ben sustained significant burns and injuries, and both of his legs were amputated. This has not stopped Ben from being an active, caring father to his two children and the President of the Queensland Amputee Golf Association.

Ron Longhurst – Brisbane

Ron Longhurst has made sure that his family has never gone without. Father of four and dedicated youth worker for The Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service in Fortitude Valley, Ron spent seven years as a volunteer at a drop-in centre. He also volunteers at Wacol Prison, where he speaks hope into the lives of the inmates.

Graham Andrews – Southern Queensland

Devoted dad, Graham Andrews balances a full-time job and weekend coaching commitments with tending to his 25 year old son, Trent. Trent has spastic quadriplegia, a form of cerebral palsy, and is unable to do anything for himself. Graham is dedicated to the wellbeing of his wife and three children, and is known for helping his extended family in any way he can.

Stephen Gellatly – Central Queensland

Father of five children and local Baptist pastor, Stephen was recently diagnosed with cancer. Vowing to live each day to the fullest, Stephen remains actively involved in his children’s lives and teaches Religious Education throughout various schools in his district.


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