7 October 2015

Real estate to build lives

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A passion for helping others achieve their dreams has set long-time North Brisbane resident, Phil Henley, on course to change the way people view real estate agents.

Phil, a family man with an extensive background in sales, customer service and the local housing market from Clayfield to Burpengary, bit the bullet last year and opened his own agency, Steadfast Realty QLD.

“I think the public perception of how real estate agents are is not real good. But being my own boss, I can do things the way I think they should be done. For me, great customer service with a good outcome comes first,” says Phil.

For Phil, who is a fully licensed agent, real estate is more than matching buyers with their dream house or helping a client sell their home. It’s about contributing to improving the community at large.

“A highlight of my career was selling a block of land to an organisation constructing a training centre and an accommodation centre for young people who were at risk of homelessness,” says Phil.

He not only sold them the land, he became involved with the organisation and now sits on the board.

Phil, who has three adult children of his own, has a heart for young people. He and wife Mandy, who works in child care, help out with their local church to prepare meals for the youth and put on morning teas, among other things.

He has also been a proud SU QLD supporter for more than two decades, helping out as a volunteer on a couple of camps and supporting chaplaincy. In SU QLD he found an organisation whose heart for children and young people aligns with his own.
“The people involved have a genuine heart for the kids. I was very impressed with the sacrifices made, especially by the chaplains who I met.

“It blew me away that they were willing to do so much for really so little.”

The reality of just how little has become increasingly real for Phil, whose son took up the call to become a chaplain last year.

“To be honest, when he said he wanted to be a school chaplain I said ‘oh no, do you really’? But after a while I said, ‘I’m not going to stand in the way of this’, and I’m very proud of him,” says Phil.

The Steadfast Realty Principal’s first-hand understanding of the power of chaplaincy led to the recent decision to partner with SU QLD in an extraordinary way.

“I wanted to partner with SU QLD and support the chaplains. So I spoke with some really smart business people who are also supporters of SU, and I came to the decision that a true partnership is 50/50,” says Phil.
And 50/50 is exactly what Phil is offering. For every SU QLD supporter who sells their home through Steadfast Realty, Phil will donate 50% of the commission (after advertising costs) to SU QLD and school chaplaincy.

“I want to see that money put towards school chaplaincy. School chaplains need fundraising for their hours, and they need it for their resources.”

Phil understands that chaplains have to fundraise, but it’s not something he likes to see. He wants to see chaplains devoting their time to helping young people.

“We’ve got a chaplain up the road from us. Her hours had to be cut back over time and she’d love to get back into the school for an extra day or two per week.

“I’d love to see chaplains get the hours that they need without having to go out and fundraise themselves. So I hope that people get on board with this idea.

“If you are going to sell your home anyway, it’s a great way to help out our chaplains without paying any extra money,” says Phil.

List your home with Steadfast Realty and help young Queenslanders

Steadfast Realty Principal and proud SU QLD supporter, Phil Henley, will donate 50%* of the commission from the sale of your home to support our school chaplains.

Phil, a family man with many years’ experience in the Brisbane property market, believes in supporting programs, like school chaplaincy, that help young people understand their value.

With Phil’s proven track record in successfully partnering with home owners to sell their property on their terms, you know you’re in safe hands.

For more information, contact Phil today on 0439 990 320 or phil@steadfastrealty.com.au


*after advertising costs


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