What is A2B?

A2B is not a program, but rather a framework for engaging with children and young people. A2B focuses on the processes of intentional presence, pastoral conversations and engaging group work.  The framework encourages transformative collective action.

A2B training and resources are for children’s and youth workers who desire to be a positive influence on the life journeys of young people.  A2B is about personal growth and realising potential within relationship.  It is characterized by fun, engagement and respect. A2B encourages questions, doubts, discussion and reflection.

A2B will equip you to impact young people’s lives.

A2B Resources

The A2B card pack is resource that provides a selection of games and activities. When used within the A2B framework, each of these activities can become catalysts for connection, growth and transformation. It contains 100 different games and activities in six different categories. These activities can be used in multiple settings in the life of a youth or children’s worker: lunchtime programs, camps, classrooms, assemblies, or even staff development.

The Activity Card Pack costs $99

A2B Activity Survival Kit

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A2B training

This two-day training program will enable you to:

  • Develop an understanding of social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing from a Christian perspective;
  • Develop extensive knowledge and skills for facilitating fun, engaging, purposeful group-based activities for children and young people across a range of contexts; and
  • Take home a range of A2B resources, including an activity starter pack, the initial eight-week A2B program, A2B Survival Kit, and a training DVD.

It’s a program that suits where young people are at… You can be in a high school scenario and then walk over and use this in a primary school. This one program can fit so many moulds.”  – Nigel Kruger, Church youth worker and school chaplain

Training costs just $300 (incl. GST)* and includes:

  • Two days of training,
  • The A2B manual,
  • An eight-week program with DVD,
  • An activity starter pack, and
  • A2B Survival Kit

*If you already own the A2B Survival Kit, the cost is $150

A2B Plus program

A2B Plus provides eight weekly in-school learning exercises, including peak experiences for 12 students. The program is designed to challenge students to achieve and grow in an alternate learning environment.

These experiences will help each participant develop skills in personal leadership, group dynamics, resilience, overcoming adversity, social awareness and management, whilst learning to work together to accomplish physically and mentally challenging activities.

A2B Plus is a great opportunity to help students who are considered at-risk, and is an effective leadership development tool for students within your school communities.

A2B Plus is designed to work in conjunction with your school chaplain to train, build confidence, and stretch the limits of each student physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.


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