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Stock Up For Hope - On the road for QLD's youth

Stock Up For Hope

Stock Up for Hope (SU4H) is an ambitious initiative building the hope and resilience of young people in the bush. SU4H raises awareness and funds for school chaplains and chaplaincy support workers in rural and regional Queensland.

Primary livestock producers donate cattle or agistment to support school chaplaincy; the event culminates in a two-week cattle drive through Central Queensland, after which the cattle is sold at auction, with all proceeds going directly to local chaplaincy services in the bush.

By donating in-kind support, Stock Up for Hope is seeing lives changed as people from the bush support people from the bush.

Stock Up for Hope offers practical support where and when it is most needed, through:

  •   Genuine support from positive role models
  •   Helping young people develop healthy values and decision-making processes through wisdom and compassion
  •   Connecting young people in outback Queensland with help where it's needed

Stock Up for Hope provides life-changing connections through:

  •  School chaplaincy
  •  School and community support networks
  •  Localised holiday programs and camps

 I think it would be naïve for outback communities to believe that there is no need for someone like my SU Chappy. Stuff happens behind closed doors that most people don’t know about, big and small. Without the help I was given, I know that I would be dead.

- Outback Student

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