14 May 2020

#storiesofhope – Chappy Mike’s timely gift to a teen in need

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In times of crisis, it’s those most vulnerable who feel the effects. This pandemic has impacted us all in some way – but some have definitely been hit harder than others.

We’ve seen this reflected in the stories that have come through over the past few months. Many stories we are simply unable to share because the wounds are still so raw. Today we want to share a part of one of these stories with you.

To protect the identities of those involved, we’ve changed their names out of respect for their privacy.

Chappy Mike works in a school in South East Queensland. In the final week of Term 1, the students at his school were told they’d be moving into isolation at home over the school holidays.

Change is a challenge for anyone, but change and the prospect of social isolation in the midst of a global pandemic for a child who has already endured so much in their short life, it can be devastating.

It was at this time that Chappy Mike got a call from the Department of Education asking if he could support a foster carer who had a child at the school. The carer was deeply concerned about her foster child Ben, who has an ADHD-like condition.

Going into isolation was a scary prospect for this family. In short, they knew something like this could push Ben over the edge.

Chappy Mike wanted to help.

“I knew Ben liked basketball, so I reached out to my network and someone from the local community offered to fund a basketball hoop for him,” Chappy Mike says.

“On the last Friday of term we dropped it off at Ben’s house. The smile on his face made it all worth it.”

This seemingly simple gesture in a moment of anxiety and need made the world of difference to Ben and his foster family. There’s always more to these stories and the backgrounds of those involved.

But what matters most is that children like Ben and families across Queensland continue to see hope in the midst of their everyday struggles thanks to the love and support of their school chaplains.

Your support puts them there.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others – visit suqld.org.au/donate for more ways to show your support.

Samuel Moore

Digital Media and Communications Coordinator

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