14 April 2020

SU Chaplaincy Grant from Gladstone Regional Council

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School chaplaincy would not be possible without the generous support of individuals and communities.

A community’s support for chaplaincy speaks volumes about the value a community places on the wellbeing of its children.

One community that’s leading the way in this regard is the Gladstone Regional Council who has generously invested $14,000 to support chaplaincy in 15 local primary schools and 3 local high schools.

The grant was given courtesy of the council’s Community Investment Program – Community Education and Development Fund.

Gladstone District LCC Chair Kate Frost, Chappy Sandy, and LCC Treasurer Toni Seeney looking at Conversation Starter Cards.

Gladstone Local Chaplaincy Committee Treasurer, Toni Seeney, says the funding will go a long way towards supporting the region’s youth.

“This grant has been a big help. We have chaplains that need resources for the social and emotional programs they are wanting to run to support their schools. Now we have the opportunity to make this possible,” says Toni.

Gladstone Region Mayor, Matt Burnett, says the council was pleased to support chaplaincy in the local community.

“Council acknowledges the important role that school chaplains have in our regional schools, working alongside school guidance officers and teachers to support students.

“The Regional Education Program (Educational Development) supports the continued development of students across the region to enhance academic standards, mentorship and guidance.

“Funding provided toward the Gladstone District Schools Chaplaincy project will be used to boost chaplaincy resources in local schools and aid in the development of programs for groups and individuals.”

Funds commenced spending in Term 1, 2020.

We want to say a massive thank you for the generosity of the Gladstone Regional Council. Your support of school chaplaincy means that many young people across the Gladstone region will benefit in 2020 and beyond.

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator

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