13 August 2020

SU QLD’s new partnership with Coffee Roasters Collective

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Coffee Roasters Collective, a Brisbane-based coffee roastery founded in 1999, has been contributing to the coffee culture explosion across Australia for the last two decades.

Through a new partnership with SU QLD, the group is now looking to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in communities across Queensland. 

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Founder, Rob Mergard, has a heart for the next generation, which is why he’s helping in the best way he knows how – combining his passion for helping those in need with his passion for sharing great coffee.

“When I look at the work of SU, which I’ve seen firsthand through my daughter’s involvement with local chappies, it’s something I wanted to get behind,” says Rob.

And Rob’s doing just that. It took four years for this dream to become a reality, but for every 1kg bag of coffee, which is being sold under the Dancing Bean label, 100% of retail margins will go straight to SU QLD.

Customers enjoying their local coffee shop in Ipswich

“The coffee beans will be available to purchase through our retail networks, and we can ship them Australia wide. The label on the bag of coffee will let everyone know that each bag is going towards a good cause,” says Rob.

Every purchase supports the work of SU QLD.

Due to their expertise and dedication to quality products, Coffee Roasters Collective are the perfect partner for this initiative.

“We relocated to Ipswich about 5 years ago, and work out of a heritage building which has been modernised – it’s any coffee roasters dream,” says Rob.

“Our company started 21 years ago under the Dancing Bean brand, and we have been roasting coffee for about 16 years. Our company actually put the first legal coffee cart in Brisbane. We started our customer base by opening coffee carts and small espresso bars, and worked our way up to where we are.”

Behind-the-scenes shots of the roastery

SU QLD Fundraising Manager, Jon Thorne, shares a bit behind this exciting new initiative.

“It has been such a blessing to work with Rob on this. He’s got a great heart for our young people and he makes great coffee. We’re really excited to see the impact that this partnership can have on the ground, where the needs are still very real right across Queensland,” says Jon.

“Coffee is everywhere nowadays, and partnering with Rob means something we do every day now has a bit more purpose by bringing hope to more children and young people.”


Click here to purchase your premium quality coffee beans, while making a donation to the work of Scripture Union Queensland!


Rob Mergard is the cafe pioneer behind the Coffee Roasters Collective. Rob started life as an engineer – and it was his problem solving mindset and technical flair that saw him redesign coffee roasting in Queensland. Since his humble beginnings in a small cafe set-up, Rob has surrounded himself with coffee experts, master roasters, machinery gurus, specialist baristas and marketing icons who have all helped create, shape and enhance the individual products, services and brands that the Coffee Roasters Collective now takes to market.

Sarah Moore

Media and Communications Administrator


  1. A great initiative and for a worthy cause. However I have one question, is the coffee “Fair Trade”?

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