13 April 2016

SU-Schoolies Impress Holiday-Goers

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Imagine going on a holiday – the long plane flight, the shuttle ride to your hotel, the arduous check-in – only to be greeted by dozens of Year 12 students in the foyer of the hotel.

It’s only then you realise that you have booked your very necessary holiday right in the middle of Schoolies Week.

This is a true story. Hundreds of people would have done that just in the last week of November 2015 alone — the dates for Queensland Schoolies Week 2015.

Sue was one such person, but to her delight, the young people that she encountered were incredibly respectful, showing her that Schoolies isn’t just about the chaos you see on the Gold Coast. It wasn’t until she spoke to a group of them that she realised this was because they were a part of SU-Schoolies 2015.

Having never heard of this before, she looked it up on our website and emailed our Camps team to pass on her gratitude and appreciation of the group. This is her story:

Hi, I would just like to pass on my congratulations to a very well behaved bunch of teenagers.

I just got back from Daydream Island with my family and whilst there found out that Schoolies were going to attend. That was one thing that I didn’t consider when booking our holiday and straight away thought, “Oh no, what have we done?!”. What a poor misconception I had, as they were all fantastic — even stopping to have a chat to my husband and I. What a fantastic organisation you are running and when my daughter is ready to leave school in 3 years I will definitely be looking into this. There is more to life than drugs and alcohol to have a great time. They looked like they were having a ball. Well done SU-Schoolies!


Congratulations to all of the hundreds of SU-Schoolies participants and the volunteer camp leaders for being walking testaments to such an amazing, action-packed experience! You all showed those you came in contact with that you can have incredible amounts of fun on Schoolies, and have no regrets at the end of the week.

SU-Schoolies 2016 registrations are open! Go to su-schoolies.com, for more information and to register now!

You can also purchase a ticket to SU-Schoolies for a young person looking to celebrate the end of their school life with no regrets, from our Gift Catalogue at suqld.org.au/gifts/product/a-ticket-to-schoolies/.


Simeon Lawson

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